Lawn Care

Unique Benefits of our 5-Step Program

High Quality Fertilizer

Our applications last longer because we use only the finest fertilizer enhanced with organic bio-stimulants, micro-nutrients and soil conditioners.

Grub & Surface Insect Controls Included

Due to increased insect pressure caused by the prolonged drought and recent mild winters, The Green Scene will include an early season treatment in your first service at no charge to help safeguard your lawn from chinch bug, sod web worm, bill bug, and army worm damage. A summer application of grub and surface insect control is also included in our program, not a separate charge!

Superior Crabgrass & Nutsedge Control Strategy

The Green Scene will apply 2 blanket applications of DIMENSION crabgrass pre and post-emergent for the best approach to complete control in the industry. There is never a charge for Nutsedge control.

Disease Control

No charge! We will diagnose and treat without having to call you to “sell” you another treatment you didn’t expect.

Lime or Soil Ph

The Green Scene recommends that you have lime applied to your lawn annually to keep the pH in a healthy range for the best possible growing conditions and to increase the effectiveness of fertilizer applications. Call us if you would like to schedule this importance service.

Service 1

Balanced slow release fertilizer, 1st application of DIMENSION crabgrass control, blanket weed control, early season surface insect control, micro-nutrients and soil conditioners.

Service 2

Balanced slow release fertilizer, weed control, micro-nutrients and 2nd application of DIMENSION crabgrass control.

Service 3

Balanced slow release fertilizer, spot treatment of weeds, crabgrass and nutsedge, surface insect control and season-long grub control.

Service 4

Balanced slow release fertilizer, blanket weed control, organic root enhancer, micro-nutrients and soil conditioners.

Service 5

Heavy rate of balanced winter fertilizer and micro-nutrients.

Additional Services

Core Aeration

Enhances root development, relieves soil compaction, improves water and nutrient uptake, and reduces thatch.

Core Aeration w/ Seed

All the benefits of core aeration with the added benefit of introducing improved turf varieties. We use seed that is custom blended for The Green Scene by Hart’s Seed Company in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Slice Seeding

We use state-of-the-art equipment to mechanically incorporate our custom seed blend into your lawn.


A liquid matrix of our custom seed blend, mulch, lime and tackifier, that is sprayed into fine, prepared topsoil.