Lawn Care

Unique Benefits of our 5-Step Program


Due to increasing insect pressure, early season and mid-summer treatments are included in your program to safeguard your lawn from damage.


Our premium grub control, Acelepryn, is applied in the spring and provides season-long protection against grubs, which can cause serious and unsightly damage to your lawn. The EPA has designated Acelepryn as safe for beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies, making this application a smart AND environmentally responsible choice. Many companies charge extra for grub control and are still using older, DEEP restricted products that have become ineffective over time. The Green Scene’s unique grub control application is included in our program and is NEVER a separate charge.


The fertilizers we choose for your lawn use the latest polymer coating technologies. This feature allows for steady feeding and is safer for the environment.


In early spring, The Green Scene applies the highest rate of Dimension crabgrass preemergent. Our spot treatment applications for Nutsedge control are also included at No extra charge.


Our customers with a full lawn care program enjoy benefits rarely offered by other companies: no charge service calls; drought or disease damage seeding repairs at a 50% discount; guaranteed insect controls, so if your lawn is ever damaged by insects, we will repair it at No charge!


The Green Scene employs the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and the highest level of service to help make your lawn the pride of the neighborhood.

While other companies keep adding to your service program AND your bill, The Green Scene gets the job done in 5 applications, saving YOU money!

Service 1

Balanced slow release fertilizer, full rate preemergent crabgrass control, blanket weed control, 1st surface insect control, micro-nutrients and soil conditioners.

Service 2

Balanced slow release fertilizer, ACELEPRYN pollinator friendly grub and surface insect control, spot weed control, micro-nutrients and soil coonditioners.

Service 3

Balanced slow release fertilizer, spot treatment of weeds, crabgrass and nutsedge, surface insect control, micro nutrients and soil conditioners.

Service 4

Balanced slow release fertilizer, blanket weed control, organic root enhancer, micro-nutrients and soil conditioners.

Service 5

Heavy rate of balanced winter fertilizer and micro-nutrients.

Additional Services

Core Aeration

Enhances root development, relieves soil compaction, improves water and nutrient uptake, and reduces thatch.

Core Aeration w/ Seed

All the benefits of core aeration with the added benefit of introducing improved turf varieties. We use seed that is custom blended for The Green Scene by Hart’s Seed Company in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Slice Seeding

We use state-of-the-art equipment to mechanically incorporate our custom seed blend into your lawn.